Lawn Service

  • Weekly         (40 minimum)
  • Bi-Weekly   (55 minimum)
  • Monthly       (70 minimum)
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  • Design, Build, Maintain
  • Mulch
  • Site Clearing
  • Natural / Plastic / Metal Bed Edging
  • Natural Edging
  • Light Sprinkler Repairs
  • Shrub,  Hedge,  Small Tree - Planting : Trimming : Removal
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Lawn Fertilization



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About Us

We are ZAZ LAWN & LANDSCAPE. Locally owned and owner operated through the Rochester Hills community in the beautiful state of Michigan. All of our services are tailored to your every need.

We pride ourselves in

  • High Quality Work
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Free estimates

Our company has grown quite substantially due to referrals from satisfied customers, that alone speaks volumes.

We go the extra mile!


Our philosophy is simple

Our good work, generates more good work.

We appreciate all the business we have,

Thank you Rochester!


If you are interesting in brick patio work, please contact our sister company.


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